Shed Light. Not Fur.

Shed Light. Not Fur.

Shed Light. Not Fur.Shed Light. Not Fur.Shed Light. Not Fur.

What is SoulCollage®

Welcome to Shelby's Gift!  

Images are everywhere, in magazines, calendars, note cards, books and brochures.  

Some images call to you, saying "choose me!"  

You cut them out and paste them to a 5"x8" card.  

You create a deck of these cards.

Then you use your intuition to read and answer your own life's questions.  

They are your own images.  Not someone else's.  They have special meaning just to you!

Anyone can do it!  You don't need to be a talented artist to make a card that speaks to you.  

It's easy and it's fun!

A Little About Me

The Beginning

I started making SoulCollage® cards in 2014 when I attended an Introduction to SoulCollage® workshop in Newburyport, MA.  I've been hooked on it ever since

SoulCollage® is a deep and intuitive process that helps a person access parts of their subconscious and gain insight and answers to everyday challenges.  Once you make your cards, the fun doesn't end.  There are many ways to incorporate them into your daily practices.

There are just over 4000 SoulCollage® facilitators worldwide.  Every one of them has discovered the kind and gentle process of SoulCollage® for themselves and many teach the process to curious folks like you!