Shed Light. Not Fur.

Shed Light. Not Fur.

Shed Light. Not Fur.Shed Light. Not Fur.Shed Light. Not Fur.

About SoulCollage®


Could SoulCollage® be for you?

Are you looking for creative outlet that doesn't take many hours of commitment?

Are you looking for ways to relieve stress and relax?

Are you looking for answers to some of life's questions?

Are you ready to delve into something new and exciting?


If you answered "Yes," you are going to love SoulCollage®

Using simple tools like glue stick, scissors, and 5"x8" matte board cards, you can cut pictures from magazines and create new collages that speak to you intuitively.  You can open your creative right brain, getting away from your logical left brain, and discover insights into situations and questions you may have.  

After a while, you can build a deck of your own cards and can make more any time you'd like.

You don't have to be an artist to make these cards!


What Seena Says...

SoulCollage® founder Seena Frost says-

"Using the SoulCollage® process everyone becomes an instant artist, and we also become explorers of the Soul...You will find a way to listen to your intuitive wisdom bubbling up through the images...I know from experience that you will be amazed by your own wise insights."

                                      -- SoulCollage® Evolving: An Intuitive Collage 

                                          Process for Self-Discovery and Community.

What to do with the Cards

Now you have these cards...

What do you do with them?  

After the fun and excitement of making cards, there is more than can happen with them.

Seena named the beings in each card a "Neter" (NET-ter).  The word comes from the Egyptian past, where netters were individual soul parts found in each human.  Seena uses the word to describe the many different facets of our personality.  The being in your card, the Neter, can answer your questions about life, about situations, about almost anything you want.

For instance, here you see my archetypal Muse card.  The neter in the card is the woman, who I call my muse.  When I explore this card, after making it, I will turn to the card and look at her for a few minutes.

After a minute or so, I will speak from her point of view.  The standard SoulCollage® way of doing this is to say, "I Am The One Who..." and finish each sentance with an answer to that statement.

I am the one who....

  • Helps you find words to work with.
  • Is part of the bigger picture.
  • wants to see you explore your creativity.


Other questions

If you want to work more with your cards, here are some other question to ask them...

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want/need from me?
  • What gift do you have to give me?
  • What messages to you have for me specifically today?
  • When did you first appear in my life?
  • What nourishes you?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • Are you related to any other cards in my deck?
  • Who are you when you are in balance?
  • What happens if there is too much (or not enough) of your energy?
  • What advice do you have for me?  
  • What do you think I should do?